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Product & Use

KLAREXbalm is a pharmaceutical-grade, all-natural tattoo aftercare cream, specially formulated to protect and soothe new tattoos without any harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, petroleum, or animal by-products.

+ shea butter: Contains a high amount of saturated fatty acids, which serve as an emollient and skin moisturizer. Facilitates tissue cell regeneration and softens skin. Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants inhibit keloid scar tissue and repair skin.

+ aloe barbadensis leaf juice (aloe vera): Reduces inflammation. Increases collagen content of the wound, accelerating the healing process and diminishing the development of scar tissue.

+ green tea leaf extract: Rich in antioxidants, protecting skin. Found to have an accelerating effect on wound-healing, decreasing the possibility of infection or unsightly scarring.

+ rosemary leaf extract (rosmarinus officinalis): Used as a natural preservative due to its antimicrobial compounds. Contains carnosol, a rich antioxidant known for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

+ tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia): Contains anti-inflammatory agents. Also includes antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties to help prevent infection.

+ almond oil:
Skin conditioning agent; increases the water content of the top layers of the skin by drawing moisture from the surrounding air.

+ sunflower seed oil: Rich in skin-nurturing fatty acids with high amounts of therapeutic Vitamins A, D, and E.

+ additional ingredients: Water, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Emulsifiers, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Penethyl Alcohol, Glyceril Caprylate.

Clean your new tattoo gently with lukewarm water. Once the area is completely dry, apply a thin layer of KLAREXbalm to your tattoo.

KLAREXbalm should be re-applied to your new tattoo three times per day, for five days.

KLAREXbalm is water-based, rather than petroleum-based. Water allows KLAREXbalm’s vitamins and natural botanical extracts to be absorbed into the dermal layers of the skin, whereas oil-based products create a “second skin” layer on top of the damaged epidermis, blocking the skin from breathing, causing pores to clog, and preventing nutrient absorption. KLAREXbalm is made of all-natural ingredients and excludes chemicals (such as petroleum) and animal by-products found in traditional aftercare creams. Compounds that are traditionally used for wound-healing in most aftercare creams (acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide) are toxic to skin cells, and can actually cause delayed healing and unsightly scarring. KLAREXbalm instead combines botanical ingredients to provide a soothing and nourishing healing experience.

KLAREXbalm is not sold directly to consumers – we believe that aftercare should be recommended and offered by professional tattoo artists who care about their customers and aim to provide a complete service – including aftercare. KLAREXbalm can be found exclusively in KLAREX studios. For a complete list of locations, visit If you are an artist interested in becoming a KLAREX studio, please contact us via the registration form on

Studios and Artists

KLAREX studios are our partners that offer a complete service to their customers, including aftercare. KLAREXbalm can be purchased exclusively at these locations. For a complete list of KLAREX studios, visit

Aside from an additional revenue stream for your business, you will receive the services of professional marketing, design, and cross-promotion. This includes a professionally-shot video to be featured on KLAREX tv, our platform for artists to share their experiences and tips from the studio; professionally-designed promotional materials; and joint social media marketing.

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